The Beginning of Our Lupus Journey


Hello and thanks for stopping by the blog. My name is Beth and my daughter is Olivia.  I would like to begin by bringing you up to speed on our life with Lupus.  I will try to be as compact as possible but still give you the basics in case you are experiencing some similar challenge in your life today.  We were cruising along life’s highway when, at the beginning of last summer, Olivia began to feel sick and exhausted.  After collapsing after school the week before summer vacation, we rushed her to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital  ER where doctors conducted a multitude of tests and discovered she has SLE Lupus and Lupus nephritis. (Hasbro ROCKS, by the way!) We stayed for five days and she had a kidney biopsy to see which class of lupus nephritis afflicts her.

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